Dave picking up the glove! (Challenge #1 reply).

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

-Winston Churchill

“Yogaman called this a short one, but I thought it was long enough.
Really horrible right from round one! The only part that felt good was the twisted toes to bar.
After all, I’m actually really pleased that I did all the thrusters unbroken.
Payback on Monday!”


So, Dave got the first Challenge done in 5’10 vs Yogamans 5’03. Impressing considering this one should speak more to the Yogis strengths!




3 responses to “Dave picking up the glove! (Challenge #1 reply).

  1. Hmm TTB is the stuff that would slow me down… Dave! WTF are you doing with your BJs?

    Really would like to try this one

  2. I told ya! Greek man can’t jump 🙂

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