Marcus toasting his grip and midsection!

Marcus on Challenge #8, 16’20 min(?).


4 responses to “Marcus toasting his grip and midsection!

  1. Think the worst part was the mental 🙂

  2. Kristian Rödin

    I’m no expert at all and I have done the GHD situp only once but it seems like you should press down your legs more when you rise up from the floor, look at the video with David. This is just a friendly advice/reflection (just wanna help a fellow crossfitter if I can) and maybe you already know this and have your reasons to do it your way :). Please let me know if I’m wrong or what you all think. Great job anyway!

    • Agree Kristian! To be more efficient and to save your lower back, it is better to straighten your legs by engage/”fire up” the quads first to really make the hip flexors assist the abs in the GHD. Good point!

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